"Life Of a Forgerer" Possible Ep1 Script.

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"Life Of a Forgerer" Possible Ep1 Script.

Post  TkShark on Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:01 am

Im making anther thread right now, with the character information and voices etc.

Well, My first ever writted script, im posting it here because dunno where else post it. Read it and if you think we can put something else. Tell me!

Script Ep1, Scene 1:

*Camera shows some angles of the map i created.
*Camera shows the inside of a house, in the wich theres one person sleeping.
*A telephone its ringing

*Jason stands up, gets infront of "the phone"

Jason(Sleepy): Hello? who is this?

Female Secretary: Its this Mr. Jason?

Jason(Sleepy): Uh..yes, and you are..?

Female Secretary: Im calling in name of K'ung Long...Your boss, he wants to meet with you tomorrow morning
in his office.

Jason: Oh ok, thanks for calling.

*call ends here*

Jason: Yes! Finally, im going to get promoted! only took me...*thinks* 6 goddamn years!.

Ep1, Scene 2:

*camera shows jason, getting out of his house and theres people walking and talking.
*Jason walks and gets inside his warhog.
*Jason drives to some part(that i will choose the direction)
*We change map to rast nets for some driving scenes.
*Jason arrives to the Company's entrance
*Jason stops the car and looks at the guard.

Guard: Name Please.

Jason: Jason...Foster.

*Guard looks down, like looking at a list.

Guard: Ok, you are good to go.

*Jason goes to the parking lot and well parkes his car lol.

Jason(Talking to himself): Yes, im going to get promoted, im so excited!

*random dude comes and walks with jason.

Random dude: Hey man, I hear today's your big day.

*Jason stops walking and looks at the Random dude.

Jason: Who told you that?

Random dude: man, everyone knows! Today's your big chance! your time to be in the big leagues!

Jason: what do you mean by "Big Leagues"?

Random Dude: The big leagues, man you know, being a boss!

Jason: Well, Hopefully..bu-

Random DUde: Sorry man, I gotta fly.

*Random dude, leaves and goes to talk with other people.
*Jason starts walking again.
*Jason stops, infront of the Secretary

Jason: Uhm..My name's Jason Foster and im here to see Mr. K'ung Long

Secretary: He's waiting for you upstairs.

Jason: Oh, ok Thanks..

*Jason goes upstairs, goes right and gets inside the boss office.

Jason: Uhmm...Sir?

Long: Jason, come here..I need to talk to you.

Jason(worried): ok..

*Jason walks over the windows and stands at the right of Long.

*long looks to a group of empleoyes.

Long: see those idiots ovethere?

*Jason looks over the window.

Jason: Yeah, those are my friends

Long(surprised): oh...Well go there and tell them, they are.. Fired.

Jason(Surprised): Wait WHAT? you cant do such a thing..Witrouth reason!

*Long gets infront of Jason and looks him.

Long: You are going to do, all what i say or im going to make your life fucking miserable.

Jason(angry): My life isnt Miserab-

Long: Sure, Your wife's dead and to make it better your son its addicted to drugs.

Jason(more angry lol): My son Isnt addicted to drugs you piece of Poop!.

*2 Security guards with pistols get inside the office.

Long: Security, please escort Mr.Jason to the exit please.

*1 security guy, walks over jason.

Jason: Dont touch..me.

*Jason leaves the room.

*Jason walks over his warhog

Guard: Hey, Jason that car its property of the company.

Jason: What the hell? this car its mine! you idiot

Guard: the company did give it to you, your fired asshole isnt yours and same thing goes for your house.

Jason: My house too!? What The F**k?!

Guard: Get over it idiot, and get your ass outta here.

*Jason Leaves walking.
*we change map to rast nest and we do the same like in the driving scenes but...walking.

*Jason arrives and looks that his house its being guarded

Jason: Poop..

*Jason looks over the bar and says to himself: God hope i get stabed.

*jason waits for a warhog that its passing over.

*Jason enters the bar and looks at a bunch of people.

*Jason Ignores them and gets straight to the bartender.

Jason: 1 beer.

Bartender: 1 beer coming

*the bartender crouches...he remains crouched for like 5 seconds

*The barteder stands up and says: Here you go son.


Bartender: Hey buddy, we are closing.

Jason(drunk): uhmm..my head hurts like Poop..

*We remenber several things that happend earlier: he talsk with his boss, gets fired, his house,etc etc

*jason gets out of the bar and looks at a police officer That goes towards an alley

Jason: That's it.

*jason sneaks over the ally and watches the officer peeing.(WE HEAR SOME PEEING NOISE ROLF and the POLICE

*Jason sneakes behing the guard and knocks him out.
*Jason graps his pistol.

Jason(kinda yelling): its Payback time.



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Re: "Life Of a Forgerer" Possible Ep1 Script.

Post  Nano511 on Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:02 am

actually yeah. i can help with maps, and im going to apply for forger because i found i really like it, and am somewhat good at it.

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