the very serious machinima

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the very serious machinima

Post  lolfluffy32 on Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:52 pm

this is my first shot at writing some kind of script and english is not my first language
so dont mind if there are little spelling errors, ok?

i still need a name, its a kind of short machinima script and its trying to be serious.

its about purple team, a spartan II unit made by the UNSCDF in an attempt to
stop covenant ships being made behind enemy lines. its about the same as gray
team in the cole protocole.

the spartans have been granted irregular id tags for comfirmation.

spartan 958- becky: shes the heavy weapons specialist of the team.
spartan 598- rick: the silent sniper in the team, always covering his teams retreat.
spartan 859- thomas: the tactical leader of the team.

slow zoom in to the map rats nest.

becky: so, why are we here?
thomas: command needs someone to the dirty work.
other spartan walks in
ONI officer: tom, becky and rick?
all three: yessir/ ma'am
ONI officer: you three are now desingnated as purple team, you three will attack here.
points at a screen.
thomas: sir? what is that?
ONI officer: that, is a covenant ship yard.
you three have been chosen to drop, neutralize and destroy that shipyard.
becky: all on our own?
ONI officer: yes, you will get all the stuff you need, and report at the' fluffy destroyer''
thomas whisperd ''the fluffy destroyer''?

end of part one

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Re: the very serious machinima

Post  imevil on Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:01 am

i know this sis supposed to be serius. the fluffy destroyer?


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