Yet another... Application Lol (accepted)

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Yet another... Application Lol (accepted)

Post  x 12ag3 x on Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:06 am

First Name: John
Gamertag: x 12ag3 x
I Own: Halo 3, COD4, CODWAW, and GTA (Its not mine, but i could get it whenever needed)
Country: Canada!
Timezone: GMT -7 Mountain
Age: 15
*Machinima username: x12ag3x
*Youtube username: x12ag3x

For the following items below please mark with a "+" all the positions you want to apply to.

Producer/Director: +
Video Editor: +
Sound Engineer: +
Camera Man:+
Body Actor: +
Voice Actor:
Set Designer:
Script Editor:
Graphic Designer: +

Previous Works (post link): My youtube channel. I had uploaded a few tutorial videos, but they got removed due to the Copyright licensing thing. One should be uploaded soon, As im working on it right now.

Are you mature?
A: A Definite Yes
Do you follow orders?
A: Quite Often. Lol
*Are you organized?
A: Technologically, Yes.
In general, when would you be free?
A: Almost every day in summer, And at least 5 days a week during school.
*How often will you participate in our productions?
A: Whenever I can.

Other Stuff: I own Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects for video editing, along with a Dazzle DVC100 Capture card. And experienced in web design, with the ability to set up any kind of modern forum software, Including Phpbb3 and SMF ( vBulletin too)

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